Host Universal provides quality standard and bespoke infrastructure, transit & connectivity solutions across APAC.


Dedicated Servers

Need a server quickly or have specific requirements? We can help. We stock a range of servers in all locations and can provide custom solutions for hardware with dedicated server plans.


From 1U deployments to multiple rack cages we have got you covered. We have partnered with all major DC vendors to provide colocation capacity in the best facilities in all cities where we operate a POP.

With existing volume purchase of hardware we can also offer buy-to-colo options to provide an optimal configuration for any deployments.

IP Transit

Dual stack IPv4 & IPv6. Available over cross connect or EdgeIX & IXAU VLL. We can reach all major datacentres in metro areas.

Layer 2 Capacity

Layer 2 capacity is available at 1G, 10G and 40G speeds across our redundant backbone between any of our PoPs in the region. For higher capacity requirements please contact us.

IX Reseller Port

Can't quite justify a cross connect but would like to have a direct VLAN with an IX? We can provide this across all IXAU and EdgeIX locations. Leverage our scale to gain access to local and regional peering networks.

Last mile

A range of last mile services available over NBN EE and fibre partners in major metro areas.


* signifies our network cores presence.


  • NextDC B2 *
  • NextDC B1
  • Equinix BR1


  • NextDC S1 *
  • NextDC S2 *
  • Equinix SY3 *
  • Equinix SY4 *
  • NextDC S3
  • Equinix SY1/SY2/SY5


  • Equinix ME1/ME2 *
  • NextDC M1 *
  • NextDC M2
  • NextDC M3


  • YourDC Hawthorn *
  • YourDC Edinburgh Parks *
  • Colocity DC3 *
  • Equinix AE1


  • NextDC P1 *
  • NextDC P2 *
  • Equinix PE1/PE2/PE3


  • Datacentre 220 Queen St *


  • Equinix SG3 *
  • Racks Central *
  • Equinix SG1/SG2


  • Equinix TY8 *
  • Equinix TY1/TY2/TY3/TY4/TY5/TY6/TY7


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